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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

V-Blogging - Summer Time - Delightfully Beautiful

Wednesday 5TH June 2013 

As summer has started, life becomes more enjoyable and happy to live. Summer is one of my best seasons apart from all the insects, insects are one of the things that bug me in life especially spiders but I think everyone has that problem. Also one of the other things that bugs me in summer is because I am so fair skinned no matter how much sun tan protector I put on without fail I will burn. 

Today has been the first day I have actually enjoyed the sun apart from getting burnt obviously. First thing I done was go the shop and buy D.I.Y essentials for our family kitchen. It was a random idea that came in to my sisters head but it turned out to be a good day and the kitchen looks beautiful. I also got some non drip white gloss because I wanted to paint a few shelves from my room and the bathroom, So I decided to paint them outside so I wouldn't get paint everywhere, If I do say so myself, I done a good job, I think someone can pop my head now! 
I sat in the garden with my sister and we had the radio on and the dogs out, but in the end we had to take the dogs inside to cool down because it was to hot for them. It was a quite successful day and I finished the day off by writing this blog post and sharing my day with the world. 
I promise next time I will take photo's! ;)

Hope You Enjoyed!

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