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Monday, 27 May 2013

YouTuber's of The Month: @AllThatGlitters21 - Elle Fowler & @Missglamourazzi - Ingrid

I have been watching Elle and Ingrid a lot this month due to there series on there channel called "Make-up Mayhem" They posted videos every two days consistently through the month of May. I like watching there videos because they make them look professional but still comfy in there own homes. both of them seem to have nice bubbly personalities and look fun to be around.
During there series of "Make-up Mayhem" they uploaded videos on tutorials, natural beauty, packing videos, hauls and give away's. I did find the videos really helpful and enjoyable to watch. They are Beauty Guru's that are my favourite list at the moment, and I watch there videos all the time without hesitation. these are the people that inspire me and make me want to make a YouTube channel, but that will happen in due course time. Sadly "Make-up Mayhem" has finished until next year but I will still be excited to watch there next uploaded video. The only thing I wish for is that they uploaded more videos, but I know it does take a lot of time and effort to make and upload a video, just mean i'll have to sit back and wait and i will enjoy it more.

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