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Monday, 27 May 2013

50 Random Facts About Me! - Delightfully Beautiful

1. My middle name is Joanne
2. I have a beauty spot in my ear and under my bottom lash line.
3. I have extremely short nails
4. I don't have a favourite colour, I like every colour if it's bright or bold
5. I have 3 dogs
6. I have over a 100 cousins
7. I have never been that sick that I have to be admitted to hospital
8. Needles are my phobia
9. My room is really small
10. I am obsessed with YouTube
11. I can do very detailed drawings but only do a standard painting
12. I have the worst patience level EVER
13. I hate macaroni cheese
14. I am a middle child of 3
15. My sister is my best-friend
16. I have been in full-time education ever since I left high school
17. I have lived in 3 areas of my town
18. I hate fly's
19. I have over 10 bags (purses)
20. I hate feet
21. I love small cuddly dogs
22. I am 22
23. I am 23 in august
24. I hate confrontation, I avoid it at all costs
25. I have the worst memory ever
26. I own books, but I don't read
27. I love going on family day trips
28. I love decorating and designing things
29. I have a brother and a sister
30. I am a clean freak, everything has to be organised otherwise my mind feels cluttered
31. I want a mac book
32. I get excited for Christmas about two months before the jolly season
33. I am a third year student
34. I am quite and shy
35. I can also get really angry
36. I hate being annoyed
37. I have only been interested in fashion & beauty since I started watching YouTube since September last year
38. I don't dream, and when I do I never remember it the next day
39. I'm allergic to tomatoes
40. I love green tea with lemon
41. I have been turned off red meat since the horse meat scandal
42. I love the Kardashions
43. I get really emotional when I watch TV or films
44. I can never have a sleep in, my body will not allow it, even if i do I wake up with a head ache
45. I have been on a 2 day coach trip from the UK to Spain
46. I am afraid of heights
47. My brain goes all funny when I turn myself upside down
48. I love shopping
49. I wash my hair every single day
50. I don't like sleeping anywhere else apart from my own bed   

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