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Friday, 24 May 2013

Colours Of The Rainbow Tag ¦ Delightfully Beautiful

This is the "Colours of the Rainbow" tag that is travelling around the YouTube beauty community. I first seen it on  @missglamourazzi 's channel then Elle Fowler (@Allthatglitters21) followed by other popular beauty gurus. The tag is basically all the colours from the rainbow and you pick a beauty or fashion related item that is a colour from the rainbow. I thought this looked fun so I thought I would tag myself to do it, Enjoy!


VO5 - Blow Dry Lotion - Amplifying Volume

I have currently used this item for more than a year and it has actually lasted since I wash my hair daily. I did once stop using it a few months ago because it was making my hair oily and then rediscovered it while I was rummaging through my room. I do notice a difference in my hair when I use this product but not extremely. 
I would repurchase this item and carry on using it unless I find something better.


Anatomicals - Don't just clean it women, scrub it - Body Scrub
I received this item in a gift pack of other anamaticals products for Christmas two years ago and I use it occasionally when I run out of my other body scrubs. This was a good gift to receive  I wouldn't say it was the best body scrub but I don't think I would pay the full price for it if I think it does the exact same thing as a ordinary body scrub from the supermarket. It does have small exfoliating beads in it and doesn't really have a strong lasting smell to it. But it is good for the odd occasion.


Nivea - Milk & Honey - Lip Balm
I received this item this Christmas just gone in a metal container with 3 other lip balms. I thought this one was the best out of all them because it was really creamy and moisturizing when it was applied to the lips, and the moisture did last a long time and left my lips feeling smooth and soft.  I did use the whole product (I Think! or I lost it!) but I would repurchase it if I new were stocks it, at the moment I am currently using the Nivea's Lip Butters which I think is the same as this but more creamy and moisturizing  


Tea Tree - Facial Scrub
I purchased this scrub from a local discount store and is well known around the United Kingdom called Home & Bargains and I purchased it for 70p or 80p, Something around that price which is next to nothing. It was either a hit or a miss and by the packaging I though it would be a good product. I also purchased because of the tea tree. I have heard a lot that tea tree calms acne down and from my self suffering from Acne I would try It. When I use it it helps about 30%, it is cooling to the skin when it is applied but it can leave a stinging feeling after washed off. This product was good for the price and I repurchase it. 

Blue - Indigo

Vo5 - Hair Dryer

This was all so a present for Christmas off my parents from last Xmas but the one before . I asked for this because my last hair dryer burnt out on me. This hair dryer was purchased from a local shop called TJ Hughes for around £20 which I thought was a good price. It has lasted a long time and heat good heat levels, it gives you two heat options. I would recommend this product! 


Clean & Clear - Dual Action Moisturiser - Oil Free
I purchased this item my self from Superdrug because I have seen a lot of good reviews on Clean & Clear for a spot treatment. this was in a offer of 3 for 2 and purchased this with a cleanser and a daily wash. I am impressed with this moisturiser and when it is applied it leaves my skin feeling really soft, it doesn't stop spots from forming if you use it twice on a daily basis but I switch my skin items weekly depending on how bad my skin is. It is a good moisturiser to have when your skin does break out.


Maybelline Lipstick - Sweet Pink

This is a recent purchase from Superdrug. It was £7.99 which is OK for a drugstore lipstick. This is my very first lipstick that I have purchased. I stood in the store for ages trying pick a colour that weren't to daring and that I could wear on a daily basis. I sore this one and swatched it on my hand and liked the colour but there is a bit of a shimmer. When I tried it on it matched my lip colour perfectly and made it just look like I was wearing lip gloss. I think this is a good colour to start of with if your new to lip sticks. The only thing that does bother me about it is the lasting power, I find it doesn't last any longer than an hour, which is something I might have to look in to.


St Ives - Apricot Facial Scrub

This product is my sisters but she lets me use it. It is a facial scrub so it contains exfoliating beads and sometime it can be a bit harsh on the skin because it gets right into your pores, but it does leave your face feeling clean and fresh.

Please don't be scared to do this tag, I enjoyed looking through my room find things to match the colour's of the rainbow and remembering why I purchased them. 

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